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Last night, the voice of CNGR finished perfectly! Singer is...

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Have you ever heard of it 

Like the ethereal sound of a fresh spring rising up the valley 
Have you ever enjoyed 
The warmth of the winter sun 
Have you ever tasted 
The perfect interpretation of Chinese and CNGR singers is as picturesque as poetry 
Their song is like the refreshing "spring and light" 

Last night, 16 bright stars rose on CNGR New Material Central Industrial Base, gathered in the second "Voice of China" staff singer competition final scene, presented a perfect performance for all the great people. After many rounds of fierce competition, Yi Lin, from the Chenzhou project department of CNGR Real Estate, came out on top and won the title of "CNGR King of Singing". CNGR Group CEO Deng Weiming, executive vice president of CNGR New Materials Wu Xiaoge and other leaders attended the event. 

A long autumn rain came as scheduled, followed by the "CNGR Good Voice" finals that everyone was looking forward to. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the autumn wind was rustling outside the venue, but the venue was already crowded. With the introduction of the host, a hot opening dance instantly ignited the scene. Against the backdrop of numerous colorful spotlights, the finalists stepped onto the stage and became the focus of the whole game, while the gymnasium was like a "disco dancing scene". Even if it was three feet of ice, it was enough to melt in such passion.

After watching the VCR of the first contestant, the first round of contest officially started, and Yang Yihan from New Materials Research Institute took the lead in firing the "first shot", showing her youthful vitality with a song "By The Side of Butterfly Spring". Then, Peng Yafei, who is known as "CNGR Jam Hsiao" from the Four Cobalt Workshop of the Central Industrial Base, wore a straw hat and dressed in "beach clothes" and brought the audience back to the seaside in a long summer with a "Hai Yu love"; Liu Gang, who was shortlisted for two consecutive years and came from the western industrial base, sang "Trap", showing the "Ironman tenderness" of the workshop director; Liu Zhennan, from HIVA staged the Legend of Hungry Wolf, and with his unique voice and charm, the era belonging to the "Four Great Kings" was once again displayed in front of the audience.
The three groups of players who came on stage later pushed the atmosphere of the scene to wave after wave. From the secluded Fanjing Mountain to the fresh and tender Baikal Lake, from the magnificent Mongolian grassland to the high-rise Hong Kong and Taiwan cities. As if they were driving a space-time shuttle, the contestants completed the "crossing" time and time again with rich and varied styles. Whether ethnic or popular, rock or play, all the contestants made their debut, just like "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", and conquered the audience with their unique artistic finesse.

The exciting finals entered the second round, and the competition became more and more "white-hot". The remaining nine contestants took out the posture of "vowing to sing to the end" and started the contest again. They took the sound as the sword shield and performed their singing to the extreme. After careful scoring by the judges, three finalists were born. They are Xu Zhidong of New Materials Research Institute, Yi Lin of Chenzhou Project Department of Real Estate, and Yao Yimin of Equipment Department of Western Industrial Base. After the final round of recital, public review began to vote to decide the title of the champion.

At the moment when the votes were announced, Yi Lin was overjoyed to let go her tears of excitement. She took over the trophy and became the champion of this "CNGR Good Voice". The competition lasted nearly two months from sea election to final competition. Four sea elections were held in Ningxiang, Changsha, Xiangtan and Tongren, covering all major business sectors of China and CNGR, and the scale doubled compared with last year. More than 200 employees took part in the activities in their spare time. "Compared with the judges, I think we are more like the audience who come to enjoy the performance." A professional judge made such an evaluation after the competition.

Finally, CNGR CEO Deng Weiming made a concluding speech for the competition. He fully affirmed the success of the "good voice" and the outstanding performance of the contestants. Combining his personal experience, he expounded his understanding of music and put forward his ardent expectations for all the CNGR men. He called on everyone to integrate the power of music into life and bring it into work, and sing the inexhaustible motive force of "striving for progress, uniting and fighting hard" with clear and bright songs.

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