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  Established in September 2014, CNGR Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (CNGR shares 300919. SZ) is a subsidiary and listed entity of Hunan CNGR Holding Group Co., Ltd. We are a professional comprehensive service provider of advanced energy materials for lithium batteries, a strategic emerging industry at the national level. Over the past years, we have been recognized as a National Enterprise Technology Center, a National High-Tech Enterprise, as well as a National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise.

  • 600+

    Technical talents

  • 176Thousand Ton

    Annual shipments

  • 15Billion U.S. dollar

    Import and export

  Our outstanding performance is proven by several awards, among others, "National Intelligent Manufacturing", "Green Manufacturing Factory", and "Green Design Demonstration Enterprise" We maintain strategic cooperation with dozens of famous enterprises globally. Our core products, including high voltage tricobalt tetraoxide, high-nickel NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese hydroxides) and NCA (Nickel Cobalt Aluminum hydroxides), are supplied to the worlds top 500 enterprises located in China, Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and widely used in 3C digital products, power, and energy storage. In the past three years, our shipments of ternary precursors and cobalt tetroxide have ranked first in the world.  
  In our origin, we have established four industrial bases in Tongren (listed entity), Ningxiang, Qinzhou, and Kaiyang. Overseas, we have built a raw material base in Indonesia and we plan to build overseas industrial bases such as Korea and Finland.The globalization steps are our strives to implement a global integrated layout, building a domestic and international double-cycle pattern. Hence including vertical integration of raw ore smelting, raw materials refining, precursor material manufacturing, and new energy materials recycling to serve global clients.

  We adhere to R&D and innovation. We have been ramping up investments in R&D with a focus on the full range of high-nickel low-cobalt ternary precursors, Iron phosphate,high voltage tricobalt tetraoxide, comprehensive recycling, raw material smelting, and material manufacturing equipment. Meanwhile, we have developed manganese and sodium materials technologically. Thus, we can provide diverse, customized, and rapid technical services, mass production services, and industrialized application services, leading the industry in technological innovation.

  • CNGR shares officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    December 23, 2020

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  Going forward, we will stick to the development strategy characterized by "diversified technologies, global presence, green and low-carbon approach, and industrial integration". We will make technological innovations, optimize product quality, deliver green energy to society, and shoulder the social responsibility of energy recycling. We strive to become the worlds most valuable comprehensive service provider of advanced energy materials and contribute to a better life for people.

Development path
  • In 2022-12


    In December 2022, CNGR Kaiyang Integrated Ferro-phosphorus Industrial Base was put into operation.

  • In 2022-10


    In October 2022, CNGR's first overseas industrial base in Kabupaten Morowali, Indonesia was put into operation. It was the first time in the world to industrialize the OESBF technology to produce nickel matte, opening a new channel from the resource end to the new energy industry.

  • In 2021


    The construction of the Qinzhou Industrial Base commenced in Qinzhou, Guangxi, and the base was put into operation in December of the same year; the project of the Indonesia Industrial Base was kicked off.

  • In 2020


    The company successfully listed, stock code: 300919

  • In 2019


    The company completed the shareholding system reformation and officially changed its name to CNGR New Materials Co., Ltd.; The Circular Science and Technology Park of CNGR New Materials Western Industrial Base was officially put into production.

  • In 2018


    The central industrial base of CNGR New Materials was The central industrial base of CNGR New Materials was officially put into production. Driven by the rapid development of the new energy automobile market, the enterprise development entered the fast lane.

  • In 2017


    The company continued to develop in the new energy fields among the seven national strategic emerging industries, expanded the recycling businesses, and started the construction of the recycling science and technology park project in the western industrial base.

  • In 2016


    Actively explore the international market, participate in the global industrial chain division, and its products successfully rank among several top 500 high-end supply chains in the world.

  • In 2015


    The western industrial base of CNGR was officially put into production, and the grand blueprint of the company's layout began to show.

  • In 2014


    CNGR New Materials Co., Ltd. was established and vigorously introduced high-end international talents to start the globalization strategy.

  • In 2013


    CNGR officially entered the field of new materials by investing in Hunan Haina New Materials Co., Ltd., which has independent key technologies of cobaltosic oxide and ternary precursors.

  • In 2012


    The group identified new energy materials as the leading industry.

  • In 2000


    The Corp's business gradually focused on the field of new energy.

  • In 1995


    Chairman Deng Weiming started his business and set up the first company.


CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd. has won multiple national ministries, commissions, national technology centers, and national associations Issuing certification and technology awards

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