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Dream blooming CNGR power CNGR group the sixth sports meeting opened

2020-11-06 Pageviews:4340

Gradually concentrated autumn, with the joy of the harvest; At present, the trumpet blows the splendid chapter of the movement. From November 7th to 8th, the 6th sports meeting of CNGR Group was held in CNGR New Materials Central Industrial Base. 

With the theme of "Dream Bringing forth the Power of CNGR", the Games will be held by the Central Industrial Base. All the CNGR men from the Games will interpret the Olympic spirit with actions, take civilization, friendship, hard work and progress as the purpose, show their style and level in competition, fully display their personal style and offer a tribute to CNGR through sports competition. 

Layers of wreaths, flaring chapter. On the morning of November 7th, the opening ceremony of the Games was held in the central industrial base of new materials. Deng Weiming, chairman of CNGR Group, Wu Xiaoge, executive vice president of CNGR New Materials, and leaders and guests from various business departments and industrial bases, as well as all athletes and staff more than 500 people attended the opening ceremony. 

High clouds line the sky wide, colorful flags swing cinnamon. The opening ceremony was filled with crowds, impassioned, hymns and flags. With the magnificent "athletes march" played, flag-bearers, teams of the phalanx, high-spirited, with a firm step on stage. 

More than 300 athletes from 7 business units of the Group will compete in seven sports, including basketball, table tennis, badminton, track and field, chess and billiards. 

Accompanied by magnificent music and loud slogans, all the teams and the team of judges entered the stadium, all the personnel carried out a solemn flag raising ceremony. Subsequently, as the host of the games on behalf of the new materials in the middle of the industrial base General Manager Liu Xingguo came on stage to deliver a welcome speech. 

Liu Xingguo pointed out that CNGR Group has a glorious tradition of "people-oriented and athletic enterprise". "faster, higher, stronger" is not only the core spirit of the Olympic Games, but also meets the development requirements of CNGR Group for faster development, higher standards and stronger fighting ability. 

He hopes that through this sports meeting, the spirit of the CNGR men in the competition will be fully displayed, and the new achievements of the vigorous development of all sectors of the cause will be fully displayed, and the power of understanding, friendship, team, challenge and competition will be passed to all colleagues through competitive sports. 

"This sporting event brings us together to promote friendship through sport..." As a representative of the athletes to speak on stage, li yixin said that they will be full of positive attitude to participate in all the events, show unity upward, positive and enterprising good spirit, with unity, cooperation, indomitable fighting style, to express their love for sports. 

At the end of the opening ceremony, the champions of each team, as representatives, came to the starting stand with the CEO of CNGR Deng Weiming and picked up the "holy water", which symbolizes the industrial parks and business units of CNGR. "Five, four, three, two, one, start!" With the countdown password of the host, holy water slowly flows into the starting device, and a song full of positive energy and positive "CNGR men in pursuit of dreams" rings through the whole venue, announcing the official start of the games. 

On that day, chess, table tennis, billiards, badminton took the lead. On the chessboard, the Chu River Han Zone decided to read, the fight between the square inch all show strategy and wisdom; On the table, the white ball leaped back and forth, a thrilling match point for people to call out. 
Under the club, players compete with focus and technology. The sound of marble collision contains their desire for victory. In the grid, the athlete is as light as a swan, the racquet in the hand is as sharp as a blade, "swish" or the ball hits a beautiful arc, or it is like a cannonball "shot" to the ground, one hammer. 

At the track and field meet in the afternoon, the track and field meet came as scheduled. The 4x100m relay is not only a test of individual strength and speed, but also a test of team competition, as well as the tacit understanding and collaboration between partners. 5000 meters run, is the honing of extraordinary perseverance, the striving for outstanding endurance. 

Both sides of the plastic runway, gathered full of people who came to watch the race, their cries one after another, the long runway is like a long road of struggle, CNGR MEN's journey. 

Tomorrow is the second day of the games, in addition to the other several projects for the final, will also be the basketball championship Asian competition. As the "highlight" of every sports meeting, this year's basketball competition is extremely intense, as exciting as professional players. 

In the previous group stage, the new material headquarters and other four teams outstanding encirclement, successfully met tonight's semifinal, they will do the final sprint for tomorrow's final qualification. 

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