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CNGR New Materials held a special meeting on human resources construction

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On the afternoon of March 8, CNGR New Materials held a special meeting on human resources construction. Deng Weiming, Chairman and President of CNGR New Materials, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, which was attended by all cadres and leaders from various bases and centers.At this special meeting, 2021 was designated as the "Year of Talent Cultivation and Organization Construction" of CNGR, and the construction of human resources system and related work were fully carried out.
At the meeting, Deng Weiming summarized the relevant situation of human resources construction in recent years in detail, and made an in-depth analysis on the future industrial development opportunities and challenges, the current strengths and weaknesses of CNGR and the specific methods of talent organization construction. He put forward specific plans for the future talent organization development strategy of CNGR, defined the ways and means of talent training and organization construction, and made guiding requirements for the division of responsibilities.
Enhance advantages, complement shortcomings, lead the industry to "no man's land".Deng Weiming pointed out that since the beginning of this year, with the efforts of all cadres and employees, CNGR New Materials has continuously made breakthroughs in many fields such as technology, research and development, and quality system. The scale of production capacity has been increasing and the scope of customers has gradually expanded;With the rapid development of enterprises, it is of great significance to further strengthen the construction of talent organization for the sustainable development of CNGR. Only by filling up the shortcomings and building an "iron army" that can stand the test, can we advance resolutely towards a clear goal without fear of wind and rain when striving to advance into the "no man's land" of the industry.
Improve the organizational system guarantee and give full play to the role of cadres as bastions.Deng Weiming said that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Looking back at history, countless Communists have demonstrated with practical actions how to build a great revolutionary team.Chairman Mao, a great man of a generation, once said that after the political line is determined, cadres are the key factor to determine success or failure.To CNGR, a cadre is a banner and an organization is a fortress. All cadres and leaders should follow the practices and successful experiences of the Party, expand new ideas and introduce new practices, find out the crux of the current problems, and strive to set an example of the CNGR Spirit" with practical actions.
Go deep into the grass roots and stabilize the talent base with culture.Deng Weiming emphasized that cadres and employees of human resources posts at all levels should further recognize the current new situation and new tasks, unify their thinking into major deployments and arrangements, and guide the planning, deployment and implementation of various tasks with the scientific concept of development and talent;Go deep into the grassroots, actively explore scientific and effective talent selection and training mechanisms, and form a new work pattern in which the employer department and the human resources department work closely together;Continuously improve the overall quality and working ability of cadres, constantly sum up new management experiences, explore new ideas for talent discovery, work hard, strengthen confidence, and deeply practice corporate culture, so as to build a strong foundation for the construction of Sino-CNGR talent organization.

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