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Embrace change and share the future. The 2021 Cloud Commendation Ceremony of CNGR Group was held

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Spring is auspicious and prosperous, and it is bullish to welcome the New Year.On February 26th, Lantern Festival, the 2021 Cloud Commendation Ceremony of CNGR Group was held.Deng Weiming, Chairman of CNGR Group, and more than 100 leading executives and winners from various business divisions of the Group attended the ceremony, and nearly 700 cadres and employees watched the ceremony in dozens of sub-venues through live broadcast.All senior management cadres and award-winning employees of CNGR New Materials attended the meeting at the main venue and sub-venues.In order to actively respond to the call of the national epidemic prevention and control work and reduce the gathering of people, the grand ceremony was held in the form of "cloud recognition", with sub-meeting venues set up in the industrial bases of New Materials, the headquarters of New Materials and various business divisions of the Group, which were brilliantly displayed through various methods such as remote connection and real-time interaction, reviewing the extraordinary 2020 together and looking forward to the newly opened 2021 together.
The award ceremony of this commendation ceremony was held in turn, and nearly 100 individuals and teams from various business divisions won 12 awards including "Excellent Staff, Excellent Managers, Excellent Artisans and Excellent Departments".Among them, Liao Hengxing, assistant to the president of CNGR New Materials and secretary of the board of directors, and Li Weihua, general manager of CNGR New Materials Engineering Design Center, won the "Ten Years Meritorious Person Award";CNGR New Materials was rated as "Excellent Business Division".
Next, the winners of the "Second CNGR Good Voice", Yi Lin and Xu Zhidong from CNGR Real Estate and CNGR New Materials, took the stage to sing a classic track of "Spring Festival Evening with the same paragraph"-"Tomorrow will be better", inspiring all the great men to carry forward the past and welcome a more splendid tomorrow with their own heavenly singing.
At the end of the ceremony, Deng Weiming delivered an important speech with the theme of "Embracing Change and Sharing the Future", expressing heartfelt thanks and affirmation to all the great men in the past year for their hard work and hard work.He said that the extraordinary 2020, which just passed, was the most rewarding year for more than 5,000 employees of CNGR.At the beginning of the year, we United as one and joined hands in epidemic prevention;At the end of the year, we gathered in Pengcheng to welcome the listing, and the great men and women marched bravely throughout the year, striding towards a new period of high-quality development.
Starting point of decision-making, promoting the continuous progress of enterprises with technological innovation.Deng Weiming pointed out that all walks of life in today's society have entered an era of technological innovation-driven development, in which learning is an eternal topic.After more than 20 years of development, CNGR Group has changed from a regional company to an international enterprise from setting up the first company to taking shape and focusing on new energy sources;Expand from several traditional business sectors to diversified enterprise groups dominated by high technology.Technological innovation is the life of an enterprise. Facing all kinds of challenges in the future, all CNGR men should constantly gain new knowledge, accumulate strength, master the "foundation of settling down", persist in continuous innovation in practice, develop continuously in innovation, and enhance their development ability and management level, thus creating greater progress for CNGR.
Decisive battle for the new track, aiming at higher quality and scale with sustainable development.Deng Weiming said that from the industrial upgrading after the 18th National Congress to the unprecedented changes in the past century, our country and nation are experiencing a great era.This is a brand-new track, brand-new goals, brand-new rules, brand-new opponents ... All these will inspire us all the time, and constantly make efforts to match our achievements.
In the near future, the three attributes of "correct direction, scientific governance and rigorous management" will become the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of CNGR, the universal requirements of the times for future enterprises, and the staged test for CNGR to move towards the goal of higher quality and higher scale.All CNGR men must always adhere to multi-industry coordination and meet the blueprint of the industry in the future;Scientific development logic, focusing on the common improvement of self and organization, lays a solid foundation for the grand goal of higher quality and scale for China and CNGR.
Win the new mission and contribute to the construction of a better life for mankind.Deng Weiming emphasized that enterprises are the cells of society, and society is the source of the interests of enterprises.Under the tide of the times, the introduction of policies, the development of the market and the birth of new technologies have brought countless opportunities.On the contrary, enterprises have the obligation to be responsible for their own products and services, supply chain system and the country and society.In the ever-changing winds and clouds, all CNGR men must unite their strength, unite as one, form a joint force to seek higher quality development, and constantly redefine the perfect standards in their hearts, so as to create more value for the country and the nation, give the most forceful answers of the times, and contribute to the construction of a better life for mankind.

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