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  Friday,25 November 2022-CNGR International make a quick social response to the earthquake that occurred in the Cianjur,West Java on Monday(21/11).CNGR International distributed a number of aids to the victims of the disaster.
  This humanitarian mission was directly led by the Deputy Director of CNGR International,Magdalena Veronika Yu.CNGR dispatch 9 caregivers to distribute daily logistic and medicines aid as CNGR CARE,they are Magdalena Veronika Yu,Yi Lifeng,Wang han ping,Ahmad Wakhid,Widiyaningsih,Ferliana Ferdilan,Okky Leonardy Tajjudin,Finan Riyandi and Antonius Alim.
  CNGR assistance included food and medicine for the victims,such as mineral water,biscuits,bread,antibiotics and infusions for regional hospitals.
  Assistance for the Cianjur earthquake victims was handed over directly by the Deputy Director of CNGR International,Magdalena Veronika Yu to the Cianjur Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency(BPBD)on Tuesday(24/11/2022).
  "The assistance we have provided is a form of CNGR’s concern for the victims of the Cianjur earthquake.This mission reflects our quick response to the victims affected by the Cianjur disaster.We will continue to give our best support to help them recover,”said Veronika.
  For groceries,CNGR distribute UHT milk 125 ml,bottles of mineral water,packages of biscuits and bread,with the amount of 12.000 pieces for each item.For the medicine,CNGR also provides varieties of Antibiotics injection and Albumin as per request from the Logistic Coordinator of Health Emergency Operational Center Cianjur Earthquake,Mr.Manggala,to be distributed to Sayang Regional Hospital,as a medical center for the earthquake victims.
  Previously,CNGR expressed its sorrow and support for the people of Cianjur and its surroundings after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that hits the region.However,in the future,CNGR shows readiness to help and support the government and all the stakeholders for the disaster recovery projects.This humanitarian mission is in line with CNGR mission“Devote to the development of new energy,constructing a better life for human beings.”
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