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Sino-CNGR Indonesia project team went out!Help accelerate globalization and industrial integration

2021-04-24 Pageviews:5796

On the evening of April 25th, the launching ceremony of Sino-CNGR New Materials Indonesia Project Team was held to encourage the first eight "pioneers" to go to Indonesia.Deng Weiming, Chairman and President of CNGR New Materials, Wu Xiaoge, Executive Vice President, Tao Wu, Vice President and other company executives attended the event.
At the ceremony, Deng Wei Ming expressed his sincere thanks and expectations to the Indonesian team on behalf of the board of directors and senior executives of the company, and wished the overseas expedition a complete success.He pointed out that the Indonesia project is an important strategic project for China and Indonesia to promote internationalization and consolidate resource security, and it is a key step for China and Indonesia to develop resource security.
Deng Weiming demanded that all members of the project team should take safety as the premise, highlight the strengthening of safety management, and promote the development of various tasks according to laws and regulations;We must "do as the Romans do", respect local folk customs, actively integrate with local people and local Chinese compatriots, respect each other and care for each other;With a high spirit of unity and cooperation, we should embody the demeanor of great men and fully display the positive spirit of Chinese people.
In the next flag-giving session, accompanied by exciting music, Tao Wu, the head of the Indonesian project, took over the "Battle Flag" from Deng Weiming, and Wu Xiaoge presented flowers symbolizing "great victory in the expedition" to the project team.All members of the project team made a collective appearance, and they all said that they would fully promote the project construction according to the instructions of the leaders and the international first-class standards, strive to be completed and put into production as soon as possible, and help the company take a key step to go overseas.
This Indonesian project is jointly completed by CNGR Hong Kong New Energy and RIGQUEZA, with a total investment of about 243 million US dollars. The project plans to build an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of nickel-bearing metals with high nickel matte for laterite nickel smelting, which will provide reliable resource guarantee for CNGR's development, continuously optimize the supply of raw materials, and build a coordinated and integrated development pattern of upstream and downstream industries, which is of great strategic significance.
Indonesia is one of the countries with the richest laterite nickel resources in the world, accounting for more than 10% of the world laterite nickel reserves.In addition, the project is located in Qingshan Industrial Park, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, which is a demonstration cooperation project of "the belt and road initiative". CNGR will make full use of local resources and location advantages, and strive to build the project into a benchmark for the company to implement the strategy of industrial synergy and globalization, and contribute to promoting economic and trade cooperation between China and Indonesia.

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