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Energy Transition Towards a Net Zero World | CNGR and GLC Recycle Conclude a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Endeavor with Siemens to Promote Green Closed-loop Battery Recycling

2023-11-01 Pageviews:2326
  The 16th Singapore International Energy Week(SIEW)took place from October 23 to 27,2023 at the Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Marina Bay,Singapore.Esteemed energy ministers,prominent industrial players in the new energy sector from various countries,and leaders representing relevant international organizations gathered in the Lion City for this significant event,united by the theme"Energy Transition Towards a Net Zero World".CNGR was present at this SIEW by invitation and signed a memorandum of understanding with GLC Recycle during the event,jointly establishing a partnership with Siemens to advance green closed-loop battery recycling and expedite business progress in the global new energy recycling sector.
  CNGR's Remarkable Presence on International Stages Highlights Significant Industrial Influence
  SIEW is a grand international energy-themed event officially hosted by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore.As an annual industry event with significant influence in Singapore and across Asia,it offers a broad platform for energy professionals,policymakers,and commentators to explore and share success stories and solutions within the global energy sector.Over the past year,CNGR has actively participated and deeply engaged in various international events,including the B20 Summit and Business Roundtable Conference with the Indonesian President,along with this SIEW,fostering cooperation with global partners and aiming to contribute to the international economic recovery and facilitate the transition towards a new energy era.
  At this event,global energy leaders extensively explored the pathway to establishing a net-zero world,placing particular emphasis on significant topics including technological innovation,investment,infrastructure,and supply chain resilience.In recent years,CNGR has consistently dedicated efforts towards enhancing the recycling system,as evidenced by the establishment of a recycling industry base in Tongren,Guizhou Province.By introducing accountable life-cycle management for products,CNGR has successfully fostered a closed-loop industrial chain.As a pioneer in this field,CNGR is among a few honored recycling enterprises that have been granted double qualifications for"recycling"and"cascade utilization".CNGR has also entered a cooperative partnership with renowned recycling companies like SVOLT to further enhance the new energy battery recycling business,pursuing continuous development under the strategic guidance of"industrial ecologicalization".
  Hand in Hand to Expand Global Presence in Energy Recycling
  At this year's SIEW,CNGR engaged in friendly discussions with GLC Recycle and solidified their commitments by signing a memorandum of understanding.GLC is an emerging enterprise known for its outstanding manufacturing and recycling capabilities in lithium battery materials.The company operates two recycling bases in Southeast Asia,specifically in Laos and Singapore,covering a total area of over 35,000 square meters.During this SIEW,CNGR and GLC concluded a significant partnership in the global new energy recycling sector.Their collaborative efforts will focus on developing an"AI-based efficient and traceable low-carbon battery recycling"solution.This initiative aims to promote sustainable sourcing of raw materials for battery production while ensuring responsible recycling practices.
  "Ensuring the traceability of raw materials for battery production is one of the vital social responsibilities of new energy enterprises.Our cooperation with CNGR and Siemens will contribute to the sustainable development across the battery supply chain,"expressed Yang Mingdong,CEO of GLC Recycle,during a preliminary meeting with Tao Wu,Senior Vice President of CNGR.Isabel Chong,Senior Vice President of Siemens,added,"We are honored to partner with CNGR and GLC Recycle.Siemens'AI-based battery recycling solution is effective to help companies improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption while observing regulatory requirements."
  Tao Wu,Senior Vice President of CWEG,remarked,"Traceability is essential in creating a sustainable and rational battery supply chain compliant with regulations.We are honored to join forces with GLC Recycle to deliver more convenient and fast traceability services to our customers."The conclusion of this memorandum of understanding signifies the synergistic role that GLC and CNGR will play in battery recycling on the international market and opens doors for exploring further cooperation opportunities to expand relevant industrial chains and better serve global customers in the recycling sector.
  The partnership among CNGR,GLC Recycle,and Siemens represents an important stride in Asia towards promoting the traceability of green raw materials for battery production.With joint efforts,the companies will endeavor to build a recycling system for battery materials,explore the improvement in quality and scalability of green materials used in battery manufacturing,and proactively innovate sustainable green battery supply chain solutions,as they collectively strive towards the goal of"Energy Transition Towards a Net Zero World".
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