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CNGR Shortlisted for the"ESG China Awards 2023"

2023-09-19 Pageviews:2526

     Recently,the shortlist of the"ESG China Awards 2023"with great influence in the industry was announced.CNGR Advanced Material Co.,Ltd.was successfully shortlisted for the"ESG Engagement and Disclosure Award",demonstrating its continuous efforts and progress in the field of ESG.

  The"ESG China Awards",sponsored by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai,is an awards program that recognizes and promotes the outstanding performance of enterprises in environment,society and governance.It inspires other enterprises to improve their ESG performance by recognizing enterprises with outstanding contributions and positive influence in the field of ESG,promoting positive changes across industries and around the world.

  The"ESG Engagement and Disclosure Award"is an ESG China Awards program that recognizes enterprises in China for maintaining high-quality interactions with stakeholders on environment,society and governance(ESG)issues and providing quality information disclosure.The judges will make a comprehensive assessment from multiple dimensions such as the stakeholder engagement,ESG information disclosure,transparency and responsibility system to select enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to ESG engagement and information disclosure.

  Since 2018,CNGR has released its social responsibility reports to the public.In 2022,it began to issue an ESG report and it has issued ESG reports for two consecutive years.It has developed major ESG issues related to its own business for five consecutive years,responded to all issues one by one in the reports,and highlighted high-substantive issues in the reports.In addition,CNGR made comprehensive communication with stakeholders based on the principles of integrity,equality and transparency,listened to their feedback and opinions attentively,and responded to their demands and expectations in a timely and effective manner.

  In the future,CNGR will always adhere to the concept of"taking social responsibility as its own responsibility",continuously strengthen communication with stakeholders,improve ESG information disclosure and transparency,enhance its environment,society and governance(ESG)management,and promote ESG performance.At the same time,it will closely focus on the development strategy of"technology diversification,development globalization,operation digitization and industrial ecologicalization",pursue the common sustainable development of itself,industry chain,environment and society,and contribute to sustainable development with a responsible attitude.
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