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The world's first+integrated connection!CNGR's first OESBF production line continuously and successfully produces high-nickel matte

2023-08-02 Pageviews:4333
  The world's first+integrated connection!CNGR's first OESBF production line continuously and successfully produces high-nickel matte
  Recently,the world's first OESBF production line for preparing high-nickel matte from low-nickel matte has officially entered the stage of process optimization and production capacity ramp-up in CNGR Qinzhou Industrial Base,and has successfully produced high-nickel matte for more than 50 consecutive days!It marks that CNGR has made breakthroughs in the innovative application of OESBF process again,created a new technical route for preparing high-nickel matte from low-nickel matte,and realized the whole industry chain from resource end to material end,which will also become an important milestone event in the world's smelting technology innovation.

  The world's first,opening up the"last mile"of vertical integration

  This year,the"New Energy Materials Integration Project"of CNGR Qinzhou Industrial Base,i.e.the"low-to-high"OESBF production line,has entered the critical stage of construction and production,which is another innovative application of OESBF process by CNGR again and also the"last mile"of vertical integrated production by CNGR.The successful output of this production line marks that CNGR has successfully opened the whole industry chain of"laterite nickel ore-low-nickel matte-high-nickel matte-nickel sulfate-high-nickel ternary precursor",and built a vertically integrated industry system.

  As the world's first"low-to-high"OESBF production line,CNGR makes full use of its rich experience accumulated in the field of new energy materials over the past decade since its establishment and integrates modern digital and intelligent technologies.The production line adopts industry-leading PLC and DCS systems,which can realize real-time monitoring and regulation,significantly improve the degree of automation,effectively reduce the probability of human errors and maintain the stability and reliability of the production process.At the same time,the production line also has the advantages of low cost,low energy consumption and high output,effectively balancing economic and environmental benefits.After the completion of the production line,it can achieve an annual output of 80,000 metal tons of high-nickel matte,which effectively ensures the independent supply of core raw materials for CNGR and enhances the global competitiveness of the company's core products.

  With the commissioning of this production line,CNGR Qinzhou Industrial Base has become the first integrated industrial base of the company to complete the"low-nickel matte-high-nickel matte-nickel sulfate-high-nickel ternary precursor".In addition,the location advantage of Qinzhou Industrial Base in Guangxi-ASEAN Free Trade Area and close to the sea and port will form a linkage with CNGR's industrial layout in Indonesia.The low-nickel matte from CNGR Indonesia will be transported to China more quickly by sea,and the manufacturing from raw materials to materials will be completed in Qinzhou Industrial Base.At the same time,new energy materials will be rapidly delivered to overseas customers through port transportation,realizing an independent and self-controlled industrial closed loop and truly building a domestic and international dual circulation system.

  Making every effort to overcome difficulties and continuously improving the self-sufficiency rate of core raw materials

  Since the commencement of the"low-to-high"OESBF production line,all personnel of the company have made concerted efforts with participating units to give full play to the spirit of CNGR as a"striver"and overcome the difficulties such as tight construction time,heavy tasks,repeated epidemics,bad weather and great technical and technological challenges.All personnel have risen to the challenge,strictly controlled safety,environmental protection and quality in the whole process with high standards and strict requirements,and spared no effort to promote the construction of the plant area.It only took more than one year to successfully put into operation,laying a solid foundation for the company to seize the development opportunity and win the initiative.

  It is reported that in early June this year,the first batch of more than 10,000 tons of nickel matte produced by CNGR Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Base successfully arrived at Qinzhou Port from the wharf in Indonesia Weda Bay Park,opening up the connecting channel between Indonesia and China.The raw material of the OESBF production line for preparing high-nickel matte from low-nickel matte is the nickel matte from CNGR Indonesia,realizing the integration of domestic and international industries.

  From the supply of nickel matte in CNGR Indonesia Industrial Base to the overall opening of the integrated production line in Qinzhou Industrial Base,CNGR has realized the diversification of refining various nickel raw materials such as nickel powder/beans,MHP,low-nickel matte and high-nickel matte.It has continuously increased the independent supply of diversified battery-grade nickel sulfate raw materials,reduced the adverse impact of market price changes of raw materials,improved the company's upstream resource coordination ability,continuously improved its comprehensive competitiveness and consolidated its leading position.

  Facing the severe and complex global political and economic situation and intensifying market competition,CNGR will adhere to"R&D technology"as the first driving force,actively seize the opportunity window period of the global new energy industry,further promote the development strategy of"technology diversification,development globalization,digital operation and industry ecologicalization",continuously build a global industrial layout with domestic and international dual circulation,constantly integrate global resources,realize multi-industry coupling,build global industry chain coordination,better serve global customers and markets,and make greater contributions to the realization of the national"dual carbon"strategic goals and the development of global new energy industry.
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