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Full of practical information | CNGR was invited to attend the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's performance briefing, where they released their "New Four Modernizations" strategy

2023-06-04 Pageviews:2883
  On June 2nd,CNGR(300919.SZ)was invited by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to attend the 2022 collective performance briefing with the theme"New Opportunities for the Development of Private Enterprises".As a representative of listed private enterprises,the company's Chairman and CEO Deng Weiming,Vice President and CFO Zhu Zongyuan,and Vice General Manager Guo Zongbao attended the meeting and had in-depth exchanges with investors who were present at the venue and online.
  This performance briefing was held in accordance with the work deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and was centered around the theme of"Focusing on High Quality and Leading New Development".The briefing focused on six major themes:"Advancing Manufacturing","Breaking the Waves of Digital Economy","Taking the Lead in Low-Carbon Development","Renewing Local State-Owned Enterprises","New Opportunities for the Development of Private Enterprises",and"Innovative Reform of Central Enterprises".CNGR was invited to participate in the fifth session and showcased its performance,operational status,and development strategy through live streaming and online interaction.The company also responded to the latest concerns of investors and presented its"New Four Modernizations"strategy for the first time in a public setting.
  Continuous Technological Leadership
  Continuous Improvement of Operational Capability
  On December 23,2020,CNGR rang the bell at the listing hall of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange,officially entering the capital market and entering a new stage of development.More than two years later,CNGR was once again invited to the listing hall and used the platform provided by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to comprehensively introduce the company's development status and future strategy,further deepening the understanding of the company by the majority of investors.
  Firstly,Zhu Zongyuan,the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CNGR,gave a presentation titled'Going Along with the Trends and Embracing a New Future'.He introduced the company's business sectors,industry trends,and development strategies from three aspects:company overview,industry trends,and industrial layout.He analyzed the company's operational performance in 2022 in a clear and concise manner.
  Zhu Zongyuan mentioned that the company focuses on the field of advanced energy materials,and its research and development capabilities continue to strengthen.In 2022,the company invested 929 million yuan in research and development.The company has successfully industrialized phosphate and sodium-based materials,forming four core material businesses:nickel-based,cobalt-based,phosphate-based,and sodium-based.The company has constructed a multi-level and high-end customer structure,consisting of"vehicle,battery,and cathode",and customer loyalty has continued to increase.In order to meet customer needs,the company has established seven industrial bases worldwide.Its core product,ternary precursor,and cobalt trioxide have been the world's best-selling products for three consecutive years.The company has released ESG reports for consecutive years,and in 2022,the ESG governance system has made progress and achieved some key performance indicators,setting future goals and action plans,and committed to creating sustainable social value.
  In terms of specific business performance,he pointed out that the company's core product shipments have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 55%in the past three years,which is better than the industry average growth rate.The market share of the company's core products not only leads the industry but also increases year by year.In 2022,the net profit increased by 64.4%year-on-year,and the compound annual growth rate exceeded 90%in three years,indicating that the company's operational quality continues to improve.
  The listing hall has announced the"New Four Modernizations"strategy,which anchors the future development of the company.
  Facing the huge development opportunities and intensified competition in the advanced energy materials industry,CNGR has taken timely and proactive measures to upgrade its original"technological diversification,global layout,green low-carbon,and industrial integration"strategy to the"New Four Modernizations"strategy of"technological diversification,global development,digital operation,and industrial ecology".At this briefing,Zhu Zongyuan,on behalf of the company,publicly explained the"New Four Modernizations"strategy to investors for the first time.
  Technology R&D has always been the first driving force of CNGR.Based on this,the company will dig deep into the innovation and application of elements such as nickel,cobalt,manganese,phosphorus,lithium,and sodium materials,continuously iterate,continuously upgrade to high-end and high-quality products,and continuously explore other advanced materials.The company will comprehensively apply the four core technologies of metallurgy,chemical industry,materials,and recycling,continuously improve the coupling of technology and industry,and provide technical support for the networking and ecologicalization of the industry.
  Globalization is not only an opportunity and a challenge,but also an inevitable trend in the industry.Based on the opportunities brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution,the Third Energy Revolution,and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,CNGR adheres to the development of globalization,and is committed to globalization in terms of industrial layout,team organization,resource integration,and capital integration,ultimately achieving the goal of providing high-quality products and services to global customers.
  To actively respond to the global"digital"wave,CNGR has elevated"digitalization"to the company's strategic level,becoming the first enterprise in the precursor materials industry to make"digitalization"the most core strategy of the company.CNGR will use digital means to reshape the company's R&D,manufacturing,finance,marketing,as well as resource and financial business,and create an agile operation system with industry characteristics and CNGR characteristics.In terms of supporting decision-making,avoiding risks,and improving efficiency,it will provide support and security for the company's global operations.
  The future advanced energy materials industry will not be"one or a few lines",but an interconnected and integrated industry network,a community of industries.With the continuous implementation and promotion of"technological diversification,global development,and digital operation",CNGR's"industrial ecology"will also be realized.At the same time,as a global leader in advanced energy materials,CNGR will accelerate the implementation of ESG strategy,achieve the"carbon target"as soon as possible,and realize friendly and sustainable development of the enterprise,industry,customers,society,and environment.
  Frank and in-depth communication in response to investment concerns
  At the briefing,CNGR provided detailed answers to questions raised by on-site and online investors.
  When asked about the company's internationalization strategy and its progress,Deng Weiming stated that the company adheres to the vision of"becoming the world's most valuable advanced energy material integrated service provider"and focuses closely on the development strategy of"technological diversification,global development,digital operation,and industrial ecology".In 2021,the company fully launched its"internationalization"strategy,leveraging its rapid industrialization capabilities to create a green and low-carbon production mode,and perfecting its global layout.Based on the global market for its products and resource distribution,the company is accelerating the construction of overseas industrial bases to serve global customers and integrate global resources.The company has established raw material industrial bases in Indonesia,such as Morowali and Weda Bay,and plans to establish international industrial bases.Its business covers many countries and regions,such as Japan,South Korea,Southeast Asia,Europe,and North America,and it is efficiently and orderly promoting the internationalization process,continuously improving its global resource layout strategy,and enhancing its comprehensive competitiveness.
  When asked about how the company attracts top talents to join and retain them,Deng Weiming replied that the company has always attached great importance to the construction of its human resources system,continuously strengthened incentives,and built a multi-dimensional incentive system.Through the reconstruction of the job grading system,standardized job positions,and improved salary incentives,the company has established a diversified,systematic,and multi-level long-term incentive and restraint system that is in line with the actual operation of the enterprise.Before going public,the company implemented an employee stock ownership plan,a strategic placement plan during the IPO,and a 2022 restricted stock plan and employee stock ownership plan after the IPO,which has improved the company's long-term incentive mechanism,attracted and retained excellent talents,and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the company's employees.
  Since its listing,CNGR has always adhered to the core values of"practicality,innovation,enterprising,and win-win",attached great importance to communication with every investor,and insisted on working hand in hand with investors,continuously innovating,continuously improving the company's core competitiveness,and continuously providing global customers with better,more competitive,and greener products and services.The company strives to repay the vast number of investors with better performance.
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