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CNGR's sodium precursors are officially industrialized! The first phase of annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of sodium power project was successfully put into production

2023-03-02 Pageviews:2725
  On March 1,2023,the first phase of CNGR's annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of sodium power project was officially put into production at CNGR Tongren(the main body of the listing)industrial base,marking the new stage of CNGR's sodium power precursor materials from pilot production to mass production in large quantities.By now,CNGR has achieved the four major material systems of nickel,cobalt,phosphorus and sodium.
  At 10:18 a.m.,in the presence of members of the CNGR Tongren(the main body of the listing)industrial base team and all the staff of the sodium-electric workshop,with the input of manganese sulfate for batteries into the hopper into the production line,the first phase of CNGR's annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of sodium precursors production line is officially put into operation.A solid foundation was laid for the company's good start in 2023.
  At the feeding ceremony,Shan Ming,executive deputy general manager of CNGR Tongren(the main body of the listing)industrial base,delivered a speech on behalf of CNGR.He said that in the environment of increasingly fierce competition in the advanced energy industry and rapid iteration of product technology,CNGR has followed the market trend and customer demand,made every effort to build a diversified technological innovation system,seized the strategic window of"technological diversification"of products,and continuously realized the diversification of technology and industry.The first phase of sodium precursor project is a new beginning,CNGR Tongren(the main body of the listing)industrial base will give full play to the base's talent advantages,technical advantages,equipment advantages,strive to reach production and efficiency as soon as possible,providing strong support for CNGR to build a diversified product matrix.
  Sodium is abundant in reserves and widely distributed on the surface,and has unique cost advantages.The sodium precursors produced by CNGR are characterized by uniform elemental distribution,XRD without stray phases and crystallinity of over 70%,which are at the leading level in the industry in terms of product performance and manufacturing capability.At the same time,based on the fact that sodium batteries are currently in the industrial exploration and implementation stage,in order to better serve customers and meet their diverse and personalised needs,"Order-made customised technical services"are launched,namely,
  1.Adjustable coarseness and thickness of primary particles
  2.Adjustable internal pore size and distribution
  3.Particle size and distribution width can be designed in combination
  Thanks to CNGR's more than 10 years of technology accumulation in the field of advanced energy materials,CNGR will provide highly competitive industrialization solutions to provide customized sodium precursors for customers with different needs in the market and accelerate the entry of EV and ESS products into the consumer market.
  From nickel,cobalt to phosphorus and then sodium,CNGR has built up a multi-material R&D system,a multi-material industrialized and large-scale manufacturing system,and a marketing service system that fully cooperates with customers'needs,and along the overall strategy of"technology diversification,layout globalization,green low-carbonization and industry integration",CNGR is moving towards the goal of"becoming the world's most valuable comprehensive service provider of advanced energy materials".
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