CNGR people are the most valuable resource of CNGR. CNGR is committed to attracting talents through its careers, cultivating talents through training and combat, and sharing the growth value with investment development.
At present, CNGR's training is divided into two series: quality and skill. It has three levels of senior management, company and department. It adopts external introduction of instructors to concentrate training, dispatched employees to go out to study, internal lecturers to teach, and departments. Internal self-learning in four forms.

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • Establish a learning organization to accelerate the internal trainer system

    CNGR is committed to building a learning organization and accelerating the accumulation and sharing of various knowledge within the company. Based on the actual situation of the company, establish and improve the company's internal trainer system, and gradually cultivate an internal trainer team.

  • Improve personal professionalism and build team execution

    According to the training level, the training section is targeted, the employee level is improved by the department internal training, and the middle level is strengthened by the general behavior training. Focus on strengthening the training of senior management personnel, enhance the accumulation of senior leadership and business knowledge, focus on training leadership, and comprehensively and systematically train in the management skills and business knowledge sectors involved in industrial development,and develop leadership comprehensively.

  • Improve combined with the company's actual moderate theory

    The company level training is based on the lack of professional skills in special positions, giving corresponding training and learning opportunities, getting rid of the boring form of simple classroom learning, adopting the way of studying and studying abroad, and absorbing the excellent experience of the same industry. At the same time, combined with the internal status of the company, Conduct internal training in the form of seminars and sharing to effectively improve the professional level of technical personnel.