CNGR advocates "employee growth principles" and "business manager principles".
Committed to creating a career platform for every CNGR person.
Consolidate a team of CNGR people with shared values,
A CNGR people team with outstanding leadership and first-class execution.

Employee growth principle

Believing that every employee is willing and able to achieve his or her maximum potential;
Achieving expectations is a qualified employee, continuous improvement is an excellent employee, and hard work is an excellent employee;
Continuously improve and help employees achieve higher expectations, standards and challenging goals;
Understand and respect employee differences and provide appropriate career development opportunities;
Give employees performance feedback objectively, honestly and in a timely manner;
Encourage employees to serve for a long time;
Strictly eliminate low-performance employees and avoid the phenomenon of reverse elimination;
Encourage and expect employees to have excellent professional knowledge and skilled work skills;
Boldly use potential employees and bear the costs of the process;

Business manager principle

Attract, recruit and develop entrepreneurial entrepreneurial managers;
An entrepreneurial professional manager will manage, lead, and operate, while being good at learning;
Adhere to strict selection criteria for business managers, and do not abuse them;
Leaders must have sufficient personality strength to face fierce competition and emerging difficulties;
Cultivating other leaders is an important condition and characteristic of leaders;
Business leaders must have a strong sense of self-criticism and style;