Group Vision

Committed to the world's most valuable comprehensive new energy materials suppliers


Corporate mission

Committed to the development of the new energy


Development Concept

Being a prestigious person Producing respectable products Establishing a reputable enterprise/div>


Core values

Openness Cooperation Innovation Excellence


★ Integrate into globalization with an open mind and a broad vision;
★ Actively learn from outstanding Chinese and international organizations;
★ Create an easily integrated organizational and cultural environment for employees at all levels.


★ Actively seek common points of two or more sides and strive to promote the realization of the points;
★ Improve itself and cooperate with outstanding teams and individuals;
★ Construct a win-win platform of multiple parties to guarantee common development.


★ Research or introduce new products to enhance market influence;
★ Make full use of new technology, processing and method to improve core competitiveness;
★ Innovate management system and operation mechanism to stimulate the vitality of teams and the enterprise.


★ Pursue excellence and strive for more achievements;
★ Be courageous to challenges, seek breakthrough, and make a success;
★ Enhance the competitiveness of the group by accumulating knowledge and self-cultivation.


Group Spirit

Higher Aspirations and More Improvements
Human are full of potential which can be aroused only by ambitious goals; goals can be realized only by constant self-improvement, so as to realize the values of life and the enterprise.