Social responsibility

At present, corporate social responsibility has shown a trend of globalization and has become an important trend of the times and a model of business. As a technology-based enterprise dedicated to becoming the world's most valuable integrated supplier of new energy materials, CNGR will continue to attach importance to the coordinated development of environment, society, humanities and enterprises, and promote green industry and sustainable development to corporate strategy. At the level, we continue to practice corporate social responsibility with the feelings of "being a respected person, making respected products, and building a respected enterprise".

Green industry chain

Looking for partners on a global scale, relying on technology and relying on environmental protection, we will continue to deliver green energy to the society, greatly improve environmental performance, and build a green industrial chain.

Energy cycle

A number of waste battery recycling and recycling projects are deployed globally, and together with battery manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, they shoulder the social responsibility of energy recycling.

sustainable development

Create a safe and healthy working environment for employees, provide systematic training for suppliers, support and strengthen production and operation compliance actions, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises and the environment.

Social responsibility

Reduce the energy consumption generated by enterprises in production and operation, establish and improve the energy recycling system, and continuously deepen the social responsibility of enterprises.